Community Corrections Director Steve Willis presents commissioners with adjustments for the adult and juvenile budgets.

Community Corrections Director Steve Willis presented the Lyon County Commission with budget adjustment reports Thursday morning during its regular meeting.

Willis reported on fiscal year 2019 adjustments for the adult and juvenile budgets. Updates were made to balance the budget, and both the Community Corrections Advisory Board and the County Commission were required to approve the changes because they exceeded $5,000.

“We knew that we would have to transfer that $7,000 for the purchase of the vehicle a few weeks ago, in order to make that purchase,” Willis said. “In closing out our budget and finalizing things based on the ledgers, we had to move other moneys around to take care of other budget line items that we spent all the money in.”

The total line item adjustment within the juvenile budget amounted to $6,646.23. Some of the money was moved from line item admin and non-admin salary to communications and vehicle maintenance.

The total line item adjustment within the adult budget adjusts $13,704.03 from drug testing supplies and communications line items to vehicle maintenance and non-admin salaries line items.

“We’re spending the same money; we just have to move it around to make it all even out,” Willis said.

Commissioners approved the fiscal year 2019 cash reconciliation final budget workbook reports for juvenile and adult Kansas Department of Corrections. They also approved the fiscal year 2019 cash reconciliation final budget workbook reports for the reinvestment grant from the Kansas Department of Corrections.

Ignite Emporia

Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce immediate past chairman Jeff Williams and other representatives of Ignite Emporia asked commissioners to consider funding for the Ignite Emporia Economic Development Campaign.

Williams said the city and county have made progress on the comprehensive plan.

“Basically, I have been absolutely amazed by the commitment of the people that have gotten involved,” Williams said, explaining that those involved include the Lyon County and Chase County school districts, all sizes and types of local businesses, Flint Hills Technical College, Emporia State University, the county, the city and more.

“The reason that I feel so passionate about [the plan] … is it’s all about the kids, for me,” he said.

Williams discussed how getting kids information on local jobs can happen within the local schools.

“The best benefit of all of this — and the county is one of the biggest employers in the area themselves — is, if you know who’s got the skill set to be able to handle the jobs that you’re going to need in the future when people retire and that type of thing,” he said, “my gosh, if we can recruit local people, they have a reason to stay here.”

Williams said the plan includes trying to catalog career opportunities with local employers.

“If we can bring out their (children’s) potential earlier and coordinate that with internships and work programs and opportunities to understand what those job opportunities might be in the future, I think we’ll have a much stronger workforce in the county — in the area,” he said.

Williams also included ideas about community development and the desire to revitalize deficient housing in the area through grant applications.

He asked commissioners to consider giving $100,000 to the campaign, with a five-year campaign total goal of $1.6 million. Commissioners will consider the request.

Travel approved

Lyon County Planning and Zoning Director Sam Seeley came to commissioners for the approval of funding the registration fee of $199 for the 2019 Quad State American Planning Association Conference, which will take place Oct. 9 - 12 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Seeley said he usually attends the Kansas conference, but this conference replaces it. He said he is attending for an award nomination and “to continue our efforts and our planning practices and keep the comprehensive plan moving forward with the newest and the most effective planning opportunities.”

Commissioners approved the request.

Lyon County Appraiser Ryan Janzen asked commissioners to approve sending him and new employee David Gillmore to the International Association of Assessing Officers conference from Sept. 8 - 11 in Niagara Falls, Canada.

Janzen said in two previous years attending the conference he has had “great education sessions that have been incredibly valuable to me.”

“I have learned a lot of information that I have been able to take back and apply in my appraisals and in my work within the county,” he said. “I have also had opportunities for networking.”

Janzen will also be presenting at the conference.

He asked commissioners for a maximum of $1,400, but hopes to receive scholarships that would reduce the price to $600. Commissioners approved.

Commissioners also adopted a resolution to vacate a portion of County Road U, south of Highway K-170, between Sections one and two and 11 and 12. The road is not used for public utility and would be unjustified in repair costs. The landowner petitioned the road vacation, and other landowners in the area did not voice opposition.

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