A local teenager appeared in court Tuesday afternoon on charges of intentionally blowing up a mailbox northwest of Emporia.

Keagan Hinrichs, 19, is charged with arson. A complaint filed in Lyon County District Court says he “feloniously and knowingly” damaged a mailbox along Road C Tuesday, Oct. 11.

If convicted on the state charge, Hinrichs could serve 11 - 34 months in prison.

Vandalism of any government-approved mailbox also is a federal offense. It can be punished by as much as three years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

There was no record Tuesday of Hinrichs facing federal charges.

Hinrichs was free Tuesday on $3,000 bond.

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THIS IS F**KING BS, EMPORIA home of the racists once again. The kid and his father support natzis & on his Facebook he has pictures of all his kids holding GUNS. Emporia has a way of covering things, the whole police department should be under investigation. All these young kids getting arrested and charged. Emporia should really start helping and caring for the youth of this community . So sad. The police don't care about their community, emporia really needs an eye opener. There really is no hope for this community and it's so depressing. The community seriously needs to come together and fix the ACTUAL problem. Poor kids of the community and future generations.


So I'm going to start off with just because a dad and his children take a picture of them enjoying the sport of shooting gun's dose not it make them natzis, and yes some of the consequences may be a bit harsh but blowing up someones mail box is a federal offense and some of the mail box pieces may have hit the house, and I heard that some of the mailbox pieces got stuck in a couple of their animals which could be animal cruelty. So I think you can have whatever opinion you want on the police force, But the kid did commit a crime which I believe he should get time for. You should wonder that if the kid that is being charged with this offense is such a good person why do all the cops around here know his license plate by heart, it's because he is the one out here doing donuts in the middle of Emporia's streets.


You are incorrect. The police know his plate by heart from seeing him around town. He has a sports car that stands out, with a plate that most people find funny. When you see a funny plate on a sports car, you would probably remember that plate too. Especially when he goes out cruising for hours everyday. He has never been in trouble with the police before or even pulled over in that car. He does not do "donuts all over town". Stop posting false info online for everyone to see. you don't know anything about him.


people keep breaking this mailbox because trevor keeps drawing swastikas and writing racist words on their cars. I heard this is the third time someone damaging it and now someone is in trouble and getting blamed for all the times when it wasnt.

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