Lyon County Public Health announced 15 new positive cases of COVID-19 with an additional probable positive Monday afternoon, bringing the county’s totals to 249 accumulated cases following the weekend’s round of testing.

Despite the new cases, there were positives to report as well as the county reported 35 new recoveries.

Nearly 41 percent — or 2,067 overall — of all Kansas cases of COVID-19 have been reported in Lyon, Ford, Seward and Finney counties as of Sunday. Those counties all received expanded testing supplies and personal protective equipment last month, under the direction of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, Gov. Laura Kelly and Lyon County Public Health.

As of Sunday, KDHE also reported 15 new cases within Lyon County over the weekend. Those numbers may not yet reflect testing that was done at private labs. Overall, 62 new cases were reported by KDHE in those four counties over the weekend.

Currently, Lyon County shows 184 active cases. To date, 863 tests have been administered — roughly 2.5 percent of the county’s total population.

Additionally on Monday, The Kansas Department of Health and Environment confirmed the second known death of COVID-19 in Lyon.The patient who died was a Caucasian female in her 70s. Contact investigations are ongoing and any identified close contacts have been quarantined at home and monitored for symptoms by Lyon County Public Health Staff.

“We wish to express our deepest sympathy to the family who lost their loved one,” said Renee Hively, Lyon County Health Officer. “There is never a good time to lose a loved one, but it is especially hard during this pandemic.”

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HEY, Emporia Gazette, is it some kind of state secret that you can not tell the rest of the good people of Emporia Ks who it was?? Maybe I know her and maybe I talked to her when she was in a store, how would you or anybody else know that? Running down someone she contacted is well, lets just say very time consuming. Just plain damn stupid not to disclose the name, in this pandemic situation. I know you will not answer this, why?


It’s not up to the Gazette to disclose the name. The people handling the situation know what they’re doing. The story says CLOSE CONTACTS. You would know if someone you had close contact with was positive. Besides, in this pandemic situation, why would you be stopping to talk to someone at the store anyway?

rbrooks Staff

Names of the deceased are not released to the public/media, just as names of those who are confirmed to have the virus are not released. Lyon County Public Health's investigation process is thorough. If you had contact with someone to the point where it was a true risk, you would know. That said, it's best to follow the CDC and health department recommendations that assume that we are all carriers at this point. Keep practicing social distancing, wash your hands and wear a mask in public if you are able.


Under HIPAA (privacy act that is required to be followed although some don't for sure follow it, especially in Lyon County and I know this for a fact!), they can tell the name of the individual. In the case of the couple from Council Grove, the original ones, they chose to announce where they had been so others would be aware, other people are not so generous with the info. Keep in mind that 99%+ of those that die have had serious underlying health issues, some 2 and 3 underlying health issues, serious ones. If they are doing like some others, they test people after death to see if they had COVID 19, and if so, they code it as a death due to COVID 19, so...... With "contact tracing", which is what they are doing, it is more about who you are more in direct contact - keeping a record of just who you associate with, perhaps for future reference if needed. If you are really concerned about contracting this, this video is from a physician that was on the "frontlines" talking about what he has learned: about 11 minutes long.


If you had contact with this individual then you would likely have been contacted by the health department. I suspect if you watch the obituaries over the next few days you might see who it was. The Gazette should absolutely not be disclosing the name without direct permission of the family.


Im not an expert in the medical/legal field but I do believe HIPAA laws still cover a deceased individual. It isn't the gazettes job or duty to say who and how a person died. At this point it would be up to the family to release that information.


Why would the media disclose names or details?. It's a well-known FACT that the CDC altered the guidelines on declaring the cause of death, so a situation in which a person got coronavirus and already had advanced cancer, pneumonia and the regular flu would be counted as a coronavirus casualty

This way, whenever anyone passes away from ANY cause, the media can run headlines "Death from CORONAVIRUS!!! and the media/Leftist power-hungry governments continue to spread fear and continue to justify the Great Depression they are causing.

Next the media will say anyone who opposes the draconian usurpation of their constitutional rights, such as the right to peaceably assemble, and the cancelation of Freedom of Religion, well these protesters they are just all "racists", right, media?

Why anyone would believe anything from the media is beyond my comprehension, given that the media has lied every single day about The President of the United States every single day for the past four years


Golly gee, who do we turn to? The left media lies, the right media lies, Trump constantly lies, Obama lied, all politicians lie, cdc being tricky.... What do we do hananova? I don't want to be surrounded by sick people but I don't want those leftist nutjobs taking my freedoms away. Im so scared. Every where I turn people are out to get me. There's only one answer!!! Hananova 2020!!


Justaname, why would I want to part of the "Good old Boys" Club of Cow College County, Kansas? Yeah they're privileged - protected by a taxpayer-funded, armed guard-infested moat so you can't get through the portcullis of their kingdom with so much as an illegal mechanical pencil, yeah they "work" inisde a chrome and crystal taxpayer-funded palace, yeah, they are buffered with layers of bureaucrats, but how would I adopt their sneer? Their obfuscatory misinformation? Their arrogant and condescending attitude? Do they have classes for that? How do I sleep at night, knowing I was part of the corrupt intelligentsia? LOL!

Besides, I already ran for office and the GOB Club worked behind the scenes, did not follow FEC guidelines, but it wasn't an FE. The GOB selection/appointee won anyway, and they told me I lost because I was an "outsider." Who wants to be a GOB (or GOG) anyway? It wears on the soul of a person with a conscience, other GOB's and GOG's are out to beat you out of the next taxpayer-funded promotion and yearly bonus, you don't actually do anything that helps advance the human race and you wind up in a real hot place. LOL!


Hananova you're bigger than the state of Kansas, let's get you to the Whitehouse! Hananova/SnowGypsy 2020 "The change you didn't know you needed" . Hmm, we can work on the slogan..


Draconian usurpation of constitutional rights? Holy macaroni, let's all just get naked and jump in a pile. Whoever makes it gets to be a statistic. The rest gets cremated. Maybe Hananova will make it and can go on crowing about the leftist media being the enemy of the people who merely wanted to go shopping to promote the economy and prevent another Great Depression despite a killer virus. Then again, who will print it?

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