Roof repairs will soon be underway at Northern Heights High School following a meeting of the USD 251 Board of Education Wednesday night in Americus.

Superintendent Mike Mathes said Wray Roofing had come out and done a thorough inspection of the roof and encouraged the district to submit a claim to its insurance company for hail damage.

“They came out and walked the roof and took pictures and told us that we needed to file a claim with our insurance company,” Mathes said. “We did that and Wray Roofing again worked with the insurance company to make sure that they had everything that they needed to have.”

As a result, Mathes said he received word Wednesday that the district will receive $58,000 from its insurance company toward roof repairs at the high school. Wray Roofing then submitted a bid to repair the roof for exactly $58,000.

“We’re not replacing the roof, we’re repairing the roof,” Mathes said. “This will get us 10-plus years.”

Mathes said he was recommending the board accept Wray Roofing’s bid in lieu of putting an ask out for additional bids on the project.

“Normally, what I would do at this point is send out for bid to roofing companies to do this work,” he said. “Since Wray has come back with a bid that’s the exact number that the insurance company is going to give us, I don’t think we’re going to get any lower of a bid. I’m going to make the recommendation that we go ahead and hire Wray to do the repairs.”

Mathes said the company will also be able to finish the repairs before winter, and once work has started, it should only take a week to complete.

The board approved the bid from Wray Roofing by a vote of 7 - 0.

Mathes also recommended the board approve a contract with the Kansas Association of School Boards to begin the search for a new superintendent. Mathes, who was hired as an interim replacement upon the resignation of Aron Dody in June 2018, said working with KASB was the most streamlined way to put out a search for a permanent replacement.

A contract with KASB for the search would run the district $3,500 plus travel expenses, promotional brochures and other incidental printing expenses. Notification of the opening would be sent out nationwide and KASB would field and screen all applications for the district, run background checks and verify certifications for the board.

“They give 6 - 8 weeks for people to respond and then they start screening the applicants,” Mathes said. “They make sure everything is on the up and up.”

From there, KASB would provide a list to the board.

“It will end up being your decision — all seven of you,” Mathes said. “You will get all the applicants.”

The board will then decide which candidates to interview. All interviews will be conducted in executive sessions.

Mathes said that, in the unlikely event the district does not find a suitable replacement, he will remain with the district as long as they need him.

The contract was approved 7 - 0.

In other business, the board welcomed NHHS Senior Khylee Massey to serve as the new liaison for the student body. The newly created position will give students a closer look at how decisions are made and allow the board to hear input from them as well.

“I just want to thank all of you for this opportunity,” Massey said. “It’s really cool to get to come and see what you guys do and to get involved. I think that it’s a great opportunity, and yes, I’m kind of a guinea pig, but I’d like to see this program continue just to see what students do with this program.”

The board will next meet at 7 p.m. Oct. 9 at the district office in Americus.

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