COVID 9/10/21

Newman Regional Health reported Friday that, on an average daily basis, COVID-19 hospitalizations resulted in only two available beds out of its 25 total from Aug. 25-Sept. 7.

The data also revealed that of the 26 people who were hospitalized for COVID-19 from July 1-Sept. 7, 25 were unvaccinated while only one had been vaccinated.

NRH also reported that it averaged 19 positive cases of COVID-19 per day from Aug. 25-Sept. 7, with 14 of those coming through Express Care, two through the emergency room, two through inpatient and one through the intensive care unit.

The hospital’s median wait time for transfer was two hours and 22 minutes, with the shortest wait time being 23 minutes and the longest wait time being two days, 12 hours and 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, Lyon County Public Health also reported Friday that there were 33 new cases of COVID-19 and 27 recoveries since Wednesday, leaving the county with a total of 113 active cases.

Fifteen of the active cases are considered to be breakthrough cases wherein the individual who tested positive had been fully vaccinated, with five having received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, seven having received the Pfizer vaccine and three having received the Moderna vaccine.

In total, there have been 130 breakthrough cases. Sixty-four received the Moderna vaccine, 36 received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and 30 received the Pfizer vaccine.

Since the start of the pandemic, 158 specimens were sequenced to test for variants of concern, with 96 coming back as such variants. All Lyon County sequenced samples since June 15 have been variants of concern.

The county has seen 4,911 cases of COVID-19 in all, with 88 deaths and 4,710 recoveries.

Lyon County now ranks 18th out of the state’s 105 counties in the Kansas Department of Health’s rankings of lowest risk counties in the state. It was previously 14th when the rankings were first released on Aug. 25.

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The statistics are clear: Only 4% of hospitalized COVID patients have been fully vaccinated. The vaccines are effective.

The higher a state's vaccination rate, the lower its per capita infection rate. The vaccines are effective.

The rate of infection among unvaccinated school children is increasing. The vaccines are effective.


I can certainly understand the frustration and reluctance of our medical personnel to treat the unvaccinated when now they now suddenly seem to care. We Americans have been eating, drinking, and smoking ourselves to death all along, and have been cared for. There is a lot of self destructive behavior out there, and it is considered a right. We have the right to mess up. However, when their behavior messes up others, it's time for a course correction. So, when we run out of resources to treat everyone, choices will have to be made. This "addiction" some have of clinging to "imagined" rights can drag us down for only so long.


I sure hope your not one that goes to places that have a lot of people like walmart cause if you are then why are you saying anything


Healthcare has never been a one size fits all approach or one size treatment for all, take heed we are fast tracking that to happen.

That’s not good for anyone. “First they came…for……then they came for me”. You’re right choices do need to be made, choices for individual’s decision of healthcare.


Nah, 75. My RN friend in Wichita tells me they make the choices using triage: who has the most urgent situation and is most likely to pull through? The less urgent your situation or the less likely your recovery, the lower you go in the priority list.

Oh, about the one-size-fits-all is driven by insurance companies these days. It is absolutely one-size-fits-all.


This is the choice we have made. This is the cost of freedom. The freedom to refuse masks, vaccines, social distancing and handwashing means we pay by filling up our hospital beds with COVID victims so that those with heart attacks, in auto accidents and the like have no place for treatment.


Don’t fall prey to the fear propaganda, they are doing it to divide us, not worth it to fall into it.


Don't fall prey to misunderstanding the difference between "consequences" and "fear," 75. This is the consequence of the choices we made. There is nothing to fear here...only to accept. Those of us who refuse to take simple actions to manage the pandemic have brought us here. We aren't divided...we all suffer the consequences together.


Also, just who is "they" who are propagandizing fear, 75? This conspiracy-mongering is getting old.

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