The Emporia Police Department put out a statement Tuesday afternoon in an effort to dispel rumors which are circulating through the community.

In the statement, the department said:

“In order (to) relieve the rumor mill regarding information about carrying cards for essential personnel conducting daily business and going to and from work, we decided to jump on here and hopefully put some of the worries Emporia is experiencing to rest.

“EPD and (Lyon County Sheriff’s Office) will NOT be stopping people that are out and about in our community, unless you are breaking the law. Your daily routine will not be affected by law enforcement, unless your daily routine involves breaking the law.

“Seriously, you will not need to carry or at least show an essential personnel card if you are stopped by EPD or LYSO. In the event of a Stay at Home order, we understand that businesses will need to operate as well as government. We understand people will need essential supplies and it is necessary to travel to complete your tasks.

“EPD and LYSO want to remind everyone to take all precautions serious, such as social distancing, washing your hands and remaining home as much as possible. The more we all do now, the better off we will be and we can return to our normal lives sooner.

“We want to remind everyone that in a time of crisis, it is important to remain calm and not let fear and panic consume your daily lives. When that happens, common sense does not prevail. Please stay informed, stay safe, wash your hands and most of all Stay Home as much as you can....”

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Rumors abound, but in the defense of those people, such draconian measures have never been taken against American citizens. I hope the city/county does not decide to enact a stay-at-home order, and frankly, it makes no sense as people will still be going to work, dropping kids off for daycare, getting essential supplies, etc. And, since "you can't fix stupid", some people will just go out anyway without a purpose and wander around looking for something to do, and the longer this goes on the more likely others will join them. Yeah, I don't like the idea of a "stay-at-home" order, people that care about their health will stay at home when they can and others simply won't. Many are uncomfortable when the government starts limiting their freedom of movement, but many of us have studied history and hope this isn't a trial run for something later. The news is pumping fear, and any glimmer of hope is quickly extinguished, but the science is there, seek it out!


Are you insinuating that the

Democrats set forth a rumor regarding Coronavirus19? Maybe they also infected just enough people to make it look real. You are correct "you can't fix stupid". A Republican who cares.


I heard this is all a government conspiracy to change the batteries in the robot birds that are monitoring us. Thoughts?


Read what I wrote more slowly in an attempt to understand it. The rumors are circulating per the article regarding a stay-at-home order because freedom of such movement has never been forbidden before and it is, therefore, concerning to the citizens. The science is there, as I said, saying there is hope in a variety of different ways, not sure about social distancing since it appears to be a new concept and many government officials are not practicing it, yet preaching it, that is confusing. Democrats want globalism desperately and to make our President look bad, thus trying to tack on items from their wish list and while crying loudly that this was a crisis, delayed the stimulus bill. I have no idea where you got the idea that the Democrats set forth a rumor regarding Corona (China) Virus 19, the rumors were about the stay-at-home order. What can I say? Geesh!

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