The Bulletin staff, pictured last year. Noah Eppens, the paper’s editor, stands to the far left on the front row.

The Bulletin has been the voice of Emporia State University students since 1901. Now, its future appears uncertain.

Following the dismissal of 33 faculty members at ESU under the workforce management framework, the English, Modern Languages and Journalism program was left reeling. Mel Storm, program chair, confirmed that the following tracks have been suspended:

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Well j…., in your perfect world full of rose colored glasses and bowls full of rainbow stew money is just farted out the rear ends of tax payers ,,,, check out your calendar girl , the 60s were fun but they are over !

jean b

I just read that article in The Bulletin, the "I laugh" one. You should read it. You will see what a condescending dictator the KBOR has place at the helm of ESU. And not just that; he threatens The Bulletin reporter that his relationship with The Bulletin would depend on if he liked what they wrote in their interview. He also talked down to the people who were against closing the Center for Early Childhood Education, hinting that they didn't understand the high-level concept ? of something. He said leaving it open was a waste of money; but tearing it down and tearing Morse down to build a new opening to campus is not wasting money, I guess. He also said he has an open door policy; however the group fighting to keep the CECE open had been trying for weeks to get a meeting with Hush but was getting no response. I've just hit the high points. It is a very enlightening article and shows you what Hush is like.


Some of you believe Pres H. is doing the cuts out of malice,,,,get real,look at the campus. look at the empty dorm rooms,ask how the bonds will be paid on the debts... We as a community can either quit crying and bitching like children or we can get behind ESU....... the fall enrollment # are out 3,943 full time equivalent students......... dont you know ,,students across the state are aware of the tempest that some of you are putting at Pres. H. feet. THIS IS NOT MAKING IT A BETTER DAY FOR RECRUITING NEW STUDENTS AT ESU I hope the best for Emporia and ESU


The "I laugh" article can be found here:


I remain curious whether the Gazette and/or Bulletin have filed an official Freedom of Information request to obtain available E-State data that was used as the basis for decisions about program / degree / course discontinuations as well as the particular faculty who are to be terminated at the end of the academic year. If no such FOI request has been filed, why not?

Joe Tho

Excellent question. The Bulletin staff gets a pass on this (F.O.I. request) but the Gazette and the other area reporters should be in this like flies on s. If not, why not?

jean b

Mark W, I 100% agree with you. Hush is incompetent and I think he wants to close down ESU. He will not be interviewed by The Bulletin? Who the hell does he think he is? The KBOR and Hush should all be summarily fired for their total disregard for Emporia State University, its history and traditions.


Perhaps the intent is not to close ESU down entirely. Who really knows at this point what in the world the intent is given the lack of any transparency in all this? Is it possible that the powers that be are looking eventually to making what ultimately remains in a few years of Emporia State (Teacher Ed., Nursing, two or three other "Star" programs, and just enough General Education courses to support those programs) a branch campus of Wichita State or KU? Arguably (though I have my doubts and am opposed to this idea) that would reduce E-State's administrative structure considerably and thus save $.


It is said that, ‘Actions speak greater than words’. ESU claims to be STUDENT focused, but what does recent reality reveal? The President is refusing to speak with any STUDENT in the Bulletin. When Max McCoy the Bulletin advisor was recently terminated, did ESU administration quickly appoint a temporary advisor to provide guidance to the Bulletin STUDENTS at this critical time? They did not. Finally, we see that the campus spokesperson is threatening the Bulletin STUDENTS with a warning that they are ‘burning bridges’. ESU administration, the deception in your actions, is speaking far greater than the sincerity in your words.


Mark,,, emporia has been threw this prior ,,,, remember when the presby church pulled their money back from Cof E. If you and your ilk have your way , we’ll let’s just say emporia will change …

Mark W.

There is no financial emergency in the State of Kansas. ESU has a proud history going back to 1863. ESU opened its doors right in the middle of the Civil War! Education is the only thing that will revive the decreasing population in the state and the resultant decreasing university enrollments in most of the state’s universities. The 5,000 students at ESU are a very important part of Emporia’s economy and worth fighting for just like the excellent ESU debate team. ESU has won six national championships and the debate team has won three of those titles. You do not destroy your college greatest assets!

Mark W.

Shocking, just shocking that the incompetent ESU president will not take an interview with the student newspaper! No, it is not shocking because the incompetent ESU president has zero educational experience and totally botched this “workforce management” plan with virtually zero faculty input and transparency. So, inept Kansas Board of Regents and their lackey Hush what is your true intention because contrary to your official statement I believe you want to shut down ESU forever. It is time for ESU alumni, faculty, students, and Emporia citizens to fight for ESU!

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