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Keeping Lucy by T. Greenwood. St. Martin’s Press, 2019. 9781250164223. $27.99

It is the fall of 1969, and Ginny has a good life with a loving husband, a wonderful son, a beautiful home and a baby on the way. But after delivering the baby, she realizes that something is wrong. When she finally holds her daughter, she is overcome with emotion.

With a start, she realizes the doctor is telling her that her daughter, Lucy, has Down’s Syndrome. She spends most of the day in and out of consciousness. When she awakes, she learns that her baby is gone, taken to Willowridge School by her powerful father-in-law. Ginny leaves the hospital with empty arms and everyone is told the baby died.

Two years later, although she misses her daughter, life is moving forward for Ginny and her family until a shocking phone call from Ginny’s childhood friend. Marsha alerts Ginny to an expose on the horrific conditions at Willowridge School and tells her that a lawsuit has been filed by the parents of the children. Later, Ginny learns that her father-in-law’s firm, where her husband practices law, is representing the school.

Knowing that she will not get help from her husband, Ginny decides to take matters into her own hands when she takes her son and heads to the school with Marsha to check out her daughter for the Labor Day weekend. Horrified by the conditions at the school, Ginny vows to never take her back and goes on the run with Marsha and her son, Peyton.

Pursued by her powerful father-in-law, his law firm and possibly law enforcement, Ginny wonders where she can go to keep her daughter safe.

Follow their harrowing journey to the beaches of Atlantic City, through the Blue Ridge Mountains, to their final destination, a roadside mermaid show in Florida. Interspersed through the novel are glimpses into Ginny’s past. In this emotional story, T. Greenwood demonstrates the power of a mother’s love for her children.

I promise that once you begin reading this story, you will find it difficult to put down. Will Ginny lose everything that is dear to her? Will Lucy be once again ripped away forever? Check out this book to find out.

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