The National Teachers Hall of Fame Class of 2020 inductees will be announced during a live virtual event, Monday evening. This will be the 29th class to be inducted into the National Teachers Hall of Fame.

The announcement will be made on YouTube Live at 5 p.m. Monday.

The announcements are typically made each year in March, surprising teachers in their classrooms with family, friends, colleagues, and students present to celebrate the honor.

Unfortunately, school closures amid the pandemic put everything on hold this year.

NTHF Executive Director Carol Strickland said the Board of Trustees wanted to explore some alternative options to announce the Class of 2020 inductees.

“We have been hiding everything so much and these nominees have been waiting for more than six months to know,” she said. “We wanted to do something more special than just sending a letter or making a phone call. With school closings and doing everything virtually, we were trying to be creative.”

The NTHF Board of Trustees voted to postpone the induction ceremonies for the Class of 2020 until June of 2021 to give the new members their full-time in the spotlight. That gave the hall of fame more time to come up with a meaningful way to announce the inductees.

Strickland said the YouTube Live announcement brings the event to a national audience — something that has not been possible before while surprising teachers in their classrooms.

“I think there’s a plus side to this,” she said.

Strickland said the Class of 2020 have a combined total of 135 years of classroom teaching and “represent the great things happening in American education.”

She’s hoping for a large virtual audience during Monday’s announcement, which she expects will be an emotional and touching event.

“This is just another group of five phenomenal teachers who will, hopefully, be coming to Emporia next June and everybody will have a chance to meet them,” Strickland said. “They are just another really good group of good teachers doing great teachers in the classroom — and all of them are still there in their in the classroom or teaching virtually — but they’re still with their students. We’re so excited about that.”

Strickland said the live announcement has been made possible with the help of the College Football Playoff Foundation.

Included in the Extra Yard for Teachers Week (Sept. 12 - 19) is this year’s inaugural “Big Day” on Monday when all of college football and partners that support education will surprise hundreds of local teachers in a big way, including surprise grants for resources and honoring them through recognition on social platforms.

The foundation will be rewarding each of the Hall of Fame inductees with a $1,000 DonorsChoose gift card for use in their classrooms.

The event will be streamed via Facebook Live at and on YouTube Live at

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