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The Emporia Gazette

Unvaccinated patients continue to have higher rates of hospitalization at Newman Regional Health, according to the hospital’s new COVID-19 dashboard.

Between July 1 - Dec. 15, the hospital logged a total of 81 COVID-19 patients. Of that total, 68 (84%) were unvaccinated and 13 (16%) were vaccinated.

The hospital has also seen a steady increase in COVID patients requiring beds in the ICU. Since Dec. 7, the hospital has had 67 COVID patients with 15 of those patients in the ICU. No ICU patients were listed between Dec. 2 - 6.

The average wait time for transfers ranged from one hour and 14 minutes to 16 hours and 54 minutes. The median wait time was three hours and 39 minutes.

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Activate Ks medical national g units, place in ea congressional district, set the medical units in the armories. If you get sick with COVID and YOU are un vac, it was your choice so you now are not going to take up bed space in our hospitals .. Ask yourself how angry you will be when a loved one can’t go to the hospital because there is no available bed space because the beds arre occupied by non vac patients …..


This virus keeps evolving and creating new challenges. While I am not ready to believe that Covid-19 is smarter than the human race, there certainly seems to be enough of us that aren't as smart as it is who extend

this pandemic way longer than need be. Ideally, a common enemy should bring everyone together, but if anything can be "weaponized" by blaming it on an adversary then "dragging it out" seems to be the goal. "Nothing personal Grandma, just politics".


The Omicron has only begun to sweep the U.S. The NFL, NBA & NHL are swamped with new cases and almost 100% of the players are fully vaccinated. Because the CDC has perpetuated this fraud by blocking proven early treatments of Covid (Ivermectin, Hydroxycloriquin, Z pac's, Zithromax, etc.) they have caused the hospitalizations and the high death rates from the variants. It has been fully documented that the hospitals get paid when they give the patients Remdesiver, then put them on Respirators and they get paid again when the patient dies. Dr. Fauci will NOT allow the patients to receive monoclonal antibodies after they enter the hospital. This is all set up to enrich BigPharma ($80B in 2021) and the hospitals. Had Fauci allowed prophylactics and early treatment protocols instead of quarantines, business shutdowns, rioting & looting cities, vaccine mandates, busing infected illegal immigrants all over the U.S. to spread the virus, this pandemic would have been over in 2021 and the whole country would have the success rate of Florida, instead of NY and CA. It's America's hoax.


At this point I think the real key is increasing antibody production and approving a pill that has been shown to reduce death and hospitalizations by 90%. Further the govt needs to have a greater cooperation with private sector to develop new treatments just as trump did I. The vaccine development


Your observation that the omicron variant is only starting, MWS, is the only correct part of your post. Every other claim is patently and demonstrably false. The death toll (more than 827k now in the U.S. alone) is due to our refusal as a society to do the things we know prevent the spread of viruses: keeping your distance, washing your hands, covering your mouth, and staying home when you don't feel good. As for your list of "early treatments," the research data does not support them as effective. Your information here is just wrong on all levels, MWS.


This can't be right... conservatives keep telling me vaccines don't work...

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