Monday 5/29 - Friday 5/31

For more info and registration visit site or call 720-828-5936

-Pre Register at attached link and on site Registration       -We have bikes and helmets or bring your own which includes safety check 

Can your child ride a bike?

Do you have confidence in their ability? Do they have confidence in their ability? 

Do they show hesitation or fear in any way regarding riding?

Are they a good bike riders and need an age/ability appropriate event to participate in? 


Wed: 12pm -1:30pm — Learning to Pedal (15 kids)

Wed: 3pm – 7pm — Riding/Safety Drills (20 kids)

Thurs: 8am – 12pm — Riding/Safety Drills (20 kids)

Thurs: 3pm – 7pm — Riding/Safety Drills (20 kids

Fri: 8am – 12pm — Riding/Safety Drills (20 kids

Fri: 12:30pm – 2pm — Learning to Pedal (15 kids)

Instructors:                                                                    Mike Friedman- Founder of Pedaling Minds and 2008 Olympian.                                                                    Danny Pate- 4 X Tour de France

We have taught over 1000 kids how to ride bicycles over the last 5 years with a 100% success rate. What we teach goes beyond having balance and wearing a properly fit helmet. The clinics are designed for children of all riding levels, ages 5 – 13. There is a wide variety in kids’ riding levels determined by time and experience on their bicycles. Developing control over their bikes takes time.

We are holding 4 hour clinics that we guarantee will make a difference in your child’s ability and set summer of 2019 up as a summer of riding bikes. In these clinics we practice specific drills and skills to help your child understand areas they need to work on while gaining confidence to practice these drills and skills at home.

Even with good control, accidents can happen and that’s why the helmet is so important. A helmet is only a safety device that helps prevent injury. Riding with knowledge, awareness, and control increases your child’s overall safety and well-being.

Children will be assessed on their ability level and assigned to the appropriate ability-based group. Riders will be guided through level-appropriate exercises and demonstrations. We guarantee we will make your young cyclist a better, more knowledgeable, and safer bike rider in a fun, supportive environment through our clinics. We are confident we can make a significant impact at any ability level.

For our more advanced/experienced riders, we know they can also lack in certain skills; anyone can improve, no matter how skilled. These riders will be put through a check list of various skills, exercises, and appropriate demonstrations. At the end of their training, the advanced/experienced riders will ride a preset lap course as far as they can in a given time frame with a speedometer attached to their bike. 

For more info and registration visit or call



  • Starting Wednesday, May 29th, 2019, repeated every 3 days until Friday, May 31, 2019 — all day


Emporia High School

3302 west 18th st.
Emporia, KS


Mike Friedman

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