Already the home to the world’s largest disc golf tournament, UDisc confirmed Friday what many already know: Emporia, Kansas is the No. 1 Small Town in the United States for disc golf in the United States.

With 11 unique courses and 144 holes to play, Emporia’s recognition was earned through player-ranked data from the UDisc app. UDisc is the No. 1 mobile app for disc golf, helping connect players with courses, keep score and improve their games. It has been downloaded more than 500,000 times on the Apple Store and Google Play.

“To find the Top Disc Golf Small Towns – U.S.A., we analyzed 6,000 towns with populations under 50,000 to see which ones had the best combination of disc golf course quantity and quality,” said Alex Williamson, writer and editor for Release Point on “The data on the number of courses and their quality all came from UDisc, which has the most comprehensive disc golf course directory available and nearly two million ratings of the courses listed there thanks to disc golfers using UDisc.”

Dynamic Discs Founder Jeremy Rusco said it felt “awesome” for Emporia to be recognized in such a way.

“We’ve worked hard for years on growing Dynamic Discs, but we’ve also clearly worked hard on creating hype around disc golf in Emporia because we truly believe this is the best place to experience disc golf,” he said. “We couldn’t be more proud for Emporia to be awarded this honor, and we’re excited to continue working to make the experience even better.”

When Rusco started Dynamic Discs in 2005, he had no idea he would be looking at expanding in a larger warehouse space and employing more than 60 people, let alone boasting that his business helped put Emporia on the map for disc golf.

“When I stop for a second to think about it, it’s really hard to believe that we are where we are,” he said. “But I’m grateful that things have worked out, and I’m excited to continue working to grow disc golf and bring more people to visit Emporia.”

Rusco said there are a number of reasons Emporia stands out among the 6,000 other disc golfing towns with populations less than 50,000, including the difficulty of the courses and the presence of the Dynamic Discs Open — formerly the Glass Blown Open. The tournament draws top-tier competitors to the city each year — and the City of Emporia welcomes disc golfers with open arms.

“We have great disc golf courses here that are more challenging in person than they look on video, so players are often surprised with the difficulty of the courses when they’ve only seen them on YouTube,” he said. “Emporia is home to Dynamic Discs and Dynamic Distribution, so visiting players see more discs when visiting our store our distribution center than they’ve likely ever seen. Top-tier competition combined with all of the extra events have helped to create the largest disc golf event in the world, but the city of Emporia plays a massive role in the event’s success as well. Signs across the city say ‘Welcome Disc Golfers.’ Restaurants and coffee shops have been known to have employees ask competitors, ‘How was your round today?’ Emporia rolls out the red carpet for disc golfers, they take notice, and they come back year after year.”

Rusco said there’s more exciting developments on the horizon for Dynamic Discs as they continue to navigate through COVID-19.

“In 2021, we’re hoping to run all of our events again, including the largest event in the world, the Dynamic Discs Open,” he said. “We’re moving to a new warehouse space in Emporia to accommodate increased volume. There are some other things as well, but we can’t talk about those publicly just yet. We have a saying at Dynamic Discs for exactly this type of question: We’re always working on something.”

Check out list Best Small Towns for Disc Golf list and be sure to read all about why Emporia was chosen at

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