The highest-paid workers in Lyon County are managers in architecture and engineering firms.

That's one conclusion from the 2021 Kansas Wage Survey, compiled by the state Department of Labor. The semi-annual survey is based on numbers provided by employers.

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Occupy Emporia


For all of you making less than $30k, remember Republican party leader Mitch McConnell has voted against increasing the federal minimum wage 15 times, while voting to give himself a raises 6 times.


An important point, for sure. McConnell represents Kentucky too where as of 2019, the median household income was a tad over $50K. But of course the all white population stands at nearly 88%. He doesn't seem to care about his own state either, just his own pocket. Here in Kansas, the median household income in 2019 was $59K. Now you've got me started, Aim High, and I'll be looking at those charts all morning. So glad for the census bureau.


Be sure to look at how much Kentucky takes from the government for every dollar it pays in... then compare that to "liberal cesspools" like California and New York.


Thanks. Then there's how much McConnell takes in...another story all together.

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