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Nearly half of all renters in Lyon County and about 21% of all homeowners are under a “cost burden” in paying housing bills.

That’s one of many findings from The Kansas Statewide Housing Needs Assessment, issued Wednesday. It is the first detailed housing study by the state since 1994.

The study finds 45.8% of the county’s renters in 2019 spent more than 30% of their income on housing. So did 20.8% of homeowners.

That means they “may have difficulty affording necessities such as food, clothing, transportation and medical care,” the report said, quoting from the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The study grouped Lyon County in a 19-county region with all of southeast Kansas. It concluded many of those counties are “undervalued — a combination of limited construction activity, existing housing conditions [and] market price.”

Home values are relatively low, the report said. But, it added, “low values make it challenging to build or rehabilitate housing...” Relatively low wages also pay a factor in that.

“Expanding the building trades programs will be essential to constructing and rehabilitating housing,” the study said.

The survey forecasts the county will need between 848-1,306 new units per year through 2028 to keep up with demand. In the 2010s, an average 510 units were built each year.

The report also revealed that Lyon County residents had a median household income of $46,338 in 2019. That tops Chase County by about $1,000 and Greenwood County by more than $4,000. But it’s more than $7,000 below Osage County and $13,000 below Coffey County.

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Where did you guys dig up that photograph? It's a lovely street scene of apartment houses somewhere...but not here. Why didn't you photograph some of the rentals available here?


You forgot to add the biggest problem of all...greedy landlords. I have one friend who lived in the same place for several years where the plumbing would freeze up in the kitchen no matter what she did to prevent it. Landlord never did anything about it. I finally convinced her to move. She did. The current people STILL have the same problem yet that landlord keeps collecting his rent month after month, the greedy bastard.

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