The majority of Americans believe our nation is headed in the wrong direction. These are real issues in Kansas:

Kansas schools have failed students. This year 46% of Kansas H.S. students failed the state assessment in math and 34% failed English.

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Way to pull the curtain back on the “ EDUCATION MAFIA “ all we hear the nea is ,feed me feed me with more money , while test scores continue to plummet !! Aim High how can you not see the writing on the wall ,,, demos of today are bad for society.I’m starting to rejoice in the thought that The USA is going to throw the yoke of the demo party onto the trash heap of history …


How about the parents' role in all this? Why do you leave out the parents? My grandsons had 2 years of homeschooling during the height of the Covid pandemic. Thanks to their mother, they are AHEAD of the other students on return to school. Parents are just as, if not more, responsible for seeing their child is doing well. Stop laying all the blame on money and the education system!


$16,200 tax dollars were spent on each Kansas student back in 2020. $123 billion (or $2,400/student) of additional federal money was dumped into schools this year. According to sources, only 15% of that money was used for academic purposes. For a class of 22 students, that's $400K/classroom! If you do the research, there is a negative correlation between tax dollars spent and academic performance since 1998. 1 in 2 Emporia high school seniors failed to meet even minimum basic performance in math in 2022 and USD253's performance in English Language Arts (reading and spelling) was far below the state average this year according to KS Dept of Education. Nationally, Kansas rates in the bottom half of the US.


Wow... So jumping on the disingenuous train are we... Ok, deep breath. Gonna have to break it into 2 parts there's so much wrong in every part of her letter to whoever this was supposed to go to.

I went elsewhere because I don't take statistics from someone at random.

KDHE website 8 days ago - " In 2022, 33.94% of students assessed in ELA scored at a Level 1, compared to 30.3% of students in 2021". This is for the English language arts and level 1 was the lowest scoring of 4 levels. Within 3 percent of the year before. 2019 ELA score was 29.14 for level 1. So a spread from 29% to 34%?

Let's talk MATH before we figure out the English stuff. "In 2022, 34.19% of Kanas students scored at a Level 1, compared to 34.35% of students in 2021. " 2019 BTW - 28% That's 6 percentage points in 3 years.

So what changed? Not any of the "ZOMG LOOK AT HOW CRAZY LIBS ARE MAKING OUR STUDENTS" issues.

Here's your real problem. Your damned kids don't go to school. Not Linda's of course because she works for the school or for a different local school (not as an educator and not at the age we're discussing here). Your kids have an attendance problem parents. A Chronic attendance problem.

"Chronic absenteeism is defined as missing 10% or greater of the total number of days enrolled during the school year. It includes both excused, unexcused, out-of-school suspensions and in-school suspensions that last more than one-half of the school day." In 2020 that was 13.9% of students. Then skip 2021 with its COVID issues from failure to adhere to basic and known health guidelines to 2022. And HERE's your winner. 2022 chronic absenteeism... 25.7%. That's right a FOURTH of all students in Kansas are missing an astounding 18 plus days during the school year or MORE.

So as much as you want to blame all those issues I've addressed with facts instead of the rather flimsy frame of cards you built your house out of, how about you present us a solution based upon common sense and with the proper people being involved in that solution.

I don't know, how about something like "Once administrators are notified by teachers that a student is struggling with his or her attendance the administrator can make a phone call or have a get together with parent(s) and come up with a plan to get little Suzy or Johnny #1 Awake at the proper time after a full 8 hours of sleep #2 Dressed for school and having been fed some nourishment and either dropped off at school by some responsible adult whether by personal vehicle or bus #3 With afterschool program to engage the student with different teachers and methods of learning ie computers or tutoring to catch student up to above the "limited ability to understand and use the skills and knowledge needed for postsecondary readiness" that is level 1.

Now, the last point is this.... Not every kid WANTS to go to college and excel. However, what we as a society want are kids that leave high school able to spell, do basic reading and writing, can perform all 4 functions we use daily, and count money. That last one kills me every time some 19-24 year old counts my change back by handing it to me and then reading me the number off the register.

Oh yeah and I have a child, in 2nd grade. I spent the pandemic with him and we had outside classes some days, inside most days, on and off computer days, and I broke everything into manageable sections so not only did he stay in his plans and activities I did too. My kids now in the top 5% of his age group and reading at the level of a 4th grader halfway through that school year and doing math that the 3rd graders haven't started. I know what I did for my kid then and I wanted him to excel when he went back and I know how much I wanted to not do anything and just slack off since you know nobody else was doing it....

Parent's need to stop acting like they know exactly what to tell admins and teachers so they get taught exactly like they would if they had the chance. You had the chance and you failed your kids. Don't make it so we don't have good teachers with your constant pushing of the last thing you hear from Fox news or your minister or Jim Bob at the bar/insert local watering hole here. I think if a parent wants to get their kid a fighting chance these days that they can. They just can't do it while immersed in the drivel that passes for tv shows, trying to hook up with other fake people on pof, high or drunk, working and going to school and working out a total of 80 hours a week, or going to church 4 times a week removing 8+ hours of potential time of study, rest and (importantly) relaxation. Oh and perhaps put down your phone. perhaps. Last I'd just like to mention I was a high (literally) DDDDDDFFFFFF student who repeated a high school year and joined the army afterwards as an infantryman. If I can do it.... anyone can.


this statement: 46% of Kansas H.S. students failed the state assessment in math and 34% failed English. The election in VA fixed it earlier this year. Hope Kansas is next.


Look at Kansas' scores before Republican Gov. Sam Brownback cut nearly $45 million from education... He made this cut after the Court had already ruled Kansas' school funding was unconstitutionally low... Governor Kelly has recently signed HB 2567 which "fully funds" Kansas schools with the exception of special education. Schools were asking for an additional $155 million to bring the state's spending on special education to its statutorily-required funding levels. Kelly proposed a moderate $30 million increase. The Republican-controlled legislature rejected both proposals.

If one thing is for certain, it's that education is much better off under Democrat leadership. Republicans want to axe education budgets and give the money to the wealthy. I suspect math and english scores in Kansas will now improve now that proper funding is in place.


Wow... Had to break this into 2 parts to address the misinformation/disinformation/lies inside of what looks like a large gaggle of right wing folk that seem fine with using the schools that teach the people who will be the future of Kansas, you know the ones that will pay the bill for your social security that they won't get. So why is it Kansas schools have this "problem" of low test scores for English and Math? Well I'll get to that but let's looks at what ISN'T causing them.

It's not that fake topic of CRT because it's not being taught in Kansas. PERIOD.

It's not the 1 boy who used the girl's bathroom that so offended someone's sensibilities that they thought it was going to instigate a rape? Really? That's more about your ideas that men are driven crazy sexually by animal urges. Not true.

It's not girl's inability to compete against boys in some crazy trans wave that supposedly is happening and the last time I heard a school's job is to teach not train Olympians. Could care less about HS sports.

Parent's Rights? You guys stand up in umpteen school board meetings and drone on about nonsense and lies and make meetings either end with nothing productive put forward or last FOREVER and the reasonable people need to get home. You know. to take care of their kids.

Fentanyl? You parents that think fentanyl is the drug that's your kids problem? Well, don't give your kids painkillers for every ache and pain. Because fentanyl is put into those fake pills to relieve the jones that opiate users have when they don't use. And how did they get hooked? Overprescribed pain meds by doctors who were told they were safe, over delivered by pharms who ignored the massive numbers shoveled onto patients and PHARMA COMPANIES who went under the radar and got our nation so medicated that they killed people. Then docs quit prescribing, pharms started keeping track and the companies got some common sense laws written and they had to pay up. And now addicts who need a fix can't get legal pills so it's either heroin or illegal fentanyl. Not the schools fault there either. Now, methamphetamine. there's a drug that kids can easily get mixed up with here in Kansas.

AND Finally, not open borders, which is hilarious considering how many more people are currently being intercepted than were during those Trumper ultra strict years. People lie. Numbers don't. Trump admin in 2019 FY - 977,509. Biden administration in the last fiscal year ending september people stopped - 2,766,582. That's triple the stops and migrants returned.

See what I did there? There's not one single item of truth in your "letter to the editor". Which to me seems to indicate that the Gazette needs to not print letters which #1 contain "Alternate Facts" aka lies and mis/disinformation and #2 that are using unrelated blurbs to prove another unrelated point by using information that is unverifiable, thus creating MORE unverifiable information.

Continued on next post


Linda made the mistake of highlighting many of the accomplishments of the Democrats over the last 2 years. She inflamed the mind control wokes and took a beating in the comment section. Fortunately for America, we have a week left of these godless CNN watchers. Biden thinks America has 54 states? Notice no one in the comment section suggested we fix


Merriam Webster Dictionary defines WOKE; To be aware of and actively attentive to important societal facts and issues (especially issues of racial and social justice). So those who use the term "woke" in a derisive manner, disagree with "Liberty and Justice for All" Welcome to "the new" Republican Party.


Just a week left? Notice nobody in the comment suggestions though we should fix anything but the lies printed in this "letter". Here in Kansas you might think you're safely in the clutch of a red state but still got a democrat for a gov, several reps (even though you tried to gerrymander the KCK rep into not having a chance and she still beat the pants off a republican.), and still haven't figured out why you lost. Well, first never talk smack until the matter of who really won is settled. Second my generation (x) is the beginning of what will be the greatest time ever. When the boomers are all retired and using up everything we pay in to live comfortably while we can't pay rent , buy ramen and hot dogs for our kids , and do whatever we have to do to take care of each other to survive... We're just counting the days til you and your entire selfish generation are but bad memories. Our wokeness as you seem to want to call is simply a recognition that we all need to LIVE together and help each other and that the almighty dollar, while it's your gens god, is simply not the thing we revolve our lives around. And I don't care if Biden made a mistake speaking. The orange guy screwed up all the time and it's amazing you were ok with his eternal reach around at the never ending fleece fests that were his rallies. The group you should fear are the 18-30 year olds who vote 70-80 % Democratic and more of them voted in some areas than did boomers who were sure they would get the cheetoh back.


well said! You are our hope and future. Not all of us are simple-minded and set in our ways. I am a boomer cusper who thinks just like you. There are many of us. Together we will save the future of democracy!


Nobody reads your posts. They are sick and tired of your senseless banter. I and many others purposely ignore anything with your name on it.


I am an educator in a Kansas elementary school. I have been on many curriculum committees working with fellow educators to make sure that we are teaching our state's standards and meeting all the requirements that students need to graduate. Parents of students work in many capacities in our school such as paras, food service, custodians, and bus drivers. We also have parents that set up special events. We have no time to teach any of the subjects that you are worried about in your post. My stepson and daughter went to school in two other districts in Kansas and they were not taught any of the subjects expressed in your post. I do not teach in the district in which I live so we are talking about three different districts, not to mention my previous district or the many surrounding districts I substituted for before I was hired full time. Parents are encouraged to form a working relationship with their students' teachers in all of these schools, including the schools in Derek Schmidt's district which my grandchildren are enrolled. As for the library, it is a parents responsibility to let their children know what books they cannot read such as books that may go against their religion,(Harry Potter for example). Our school library has books on many reading levels, many platforms (chapter, graphic novels, picture, braille), and many interests (careers, cars, dancing, dinosaurs, history, cooking). I have not seen one book in our elementary library on sex or CRP. However, anyone can read anything into any book if they look hard enough. I hear all the commercials that try to ruin their opponent's reputation however I always look at who is sponsoring those ads. I would suggest that everyone researches these groups to find out what they will gain if their opponent is elected.


In regards to fentanyl, identify the source of the problem! The source of the problem is the DEMAND by Americans for the drug. How about we do something about that! How about opioid addicts stop buying it on the black market!! They are buying a product that is produced by a cartel, they are not chemists! The pills they sell are like chocolate chip cookies. 1 quarter of the pill may contain all the fentanyl. Kids split in half. One takes the half with very little fentanyl and is fine. The other takes the half that has all the fentanyl and ODs! Stop buying illegal pain pills and xanax, dummy! And as far as certain citizens needs to perform a normal body function of elimination, get your mind out of the gutter and leave your hang ups to yourself! These people are citizens and have RIGHTS!


What debate were you listening to, Linda? Maybe there is something wrong with how you process information. McGuire and Torres skirted the question? You are entitled to give your opinion. When you spread that opinion without fact, you are a liar. When you spread that opinion knowing it is not based in fact, then you are a liar and a fraud. I was there. I heard Torres say parents have always had the right to speak with the teacher, they still do! He said he wanted to have teachers' backs, not be ON their backs. He said we need to trust them to do a difficult job they were educated to do. He said we are driving teachers from the profession with whackadoodle claims. He said we need to change the climate and return to valuing, supporting and respecting teachers! I don't call that skirting the issue. You are also lying about McGuire. He definitely did not skirt the issue. He said parents are ALWAYS welcome to attend a PTO meeting and review the curriculum. You need to go to the Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce website and watch it again! Or maybe not, if you produce more lies after you watch it a second time. Maybe, you have watched it many times and just don't get it!

YOU are assisting in aggravating the teacher shortage and it needs to stop for the good of our children.


Why don't you talk about issues that MATTER. No mention of healthcare, no mention of lowering taxes, including the food tax. No mention of corporate driven inflation. The situations you describe are rare. You people have too many hang ups! So concerned about a normal body function. You ignore that every Kansan has rights. They are citizens that deserve the benefits that any other Kansan can expect. Stop using children as political pawns! Grow some compassion! Stop contributing to the emotional anguish these people are subjected to. People are different! People now have the freedom who they were born to be and not made to be someone they are not. They are creations just like the rest of us. I bet you're a faux Christian.


Which Kansas schools have CRT curriculum? Kansas education officials say critical race theory isn't being taught in Kansas schools. The board of education states "Critical race theory is not a part of Kansas' academic standards and has never been a part of Kansas' academic standards."

If you think a library book is the first time your child has ever heard or seen sexual material, you're fooling yourself. Those electronic devices you buy them allow them to access things a million times worse than what you'll find in a school library. A childs innocence isn't lost in the library, lol.

I'm no fan of drag shows, but the claims Kansas is funding "family drag shows" is wrong. Here's proof for anyone who actually cares about drag shows.

I don't think one instance of a boy entering a girls bathroom means schools are denying "girls right to privacy in schools". I'm sure a male student entering a girls bathroom is against the rules... I do agree its only a matter of time before a girl is sexually assaulted, given the Lyon County Prosecutor has shown there will likely be no legal consequences for the students who held down and sexually assaulted their teammate. I think this is more of a local problem with the county attorney than the State of Kansas though. Get a county attorney willing to protect the children.

I'm having problems finding a single Kansas student who lost an award or scholarship due to being out-done by a trans athlete. I'm not sure this qualifies as a "real issue" since it looks like just another made up issue by Republicans.

Parents do and always have had the right to take their kids out of school and teach them exactly how they want at home. Parents don't have the right to restrict what all the other kids learn. We shouldn't waste education dollars catering to helicopter parents. If you don't want your kid to have a public education, then give them one at home.

Fentanyl is a problem, but drugs have been smuggled across the border since it was created. Stopping the flow is impossible, placing blame on democrats is easy. We've all seen how easy illegals get past Donalds wall... I'd also like to see a source for the claim that 70 illegals are brought to chase county bi-weekly... Thats almost 1,700 people per year going to a county without enough businesses to hire them. OOOH I looked it up, and Chase County is making money by HOUSING illegal immigrants in their JAIL. You forgot to mention those KEY POINTS that make a HUGE DIFFERENCE. It really proves how disingenous the author is being!

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