Fall harvest 2021

Harvest crews are in Lyon County right now, but wet weather stymied the collection of corn and soybeans this week.

The fall crops are coming in across Lyon County. But a week of rainy days isn't helping.

“In various parts of the county, there's been an overabundance of rain,” Lyon County extension agent Brian Rees said Thursday. ”It pretty well shut things down for this week.”

A 40-percent chance of showers Thursday night could mean five consecutive days of rain in Emporia, but Rees said crews are dealing with it. Dry weather afterward should allow the work for corn to end next week.

Rees speculated about 80 percent of the corn crop is harvested. Other crops are another story.

“There are still some soybeans out there that are pretty green yet,” Rees said. But he added in some years, “beans have been harvested when there's snow on the ground.”

The size of this year's fall harvest depends on how much rain fell on a farm. Rees said yields for corn have been “all across the board.... anywhere from 60s to over 200 bushels per acre.”

Rees added that estimates on the soybean crop range from 25 to 50 bushels per acre. But some farmers think the harvest could have been even better.

“We've lost potential yield this year... simply because we got so dry in August,” Rees said. Less than two inches of rain fell at Emporia Municipal Airport, while the August average is nearly four inches.

Rees reminded drivers to allow plenty of room for large, slow harvest equipment while the harvest is in progress.

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