This photo from Emporia’s Tyson plant in April 2020 shows safety measures taken amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tyson Foods employees nationwide are now almost completely vaccinated against the coronavirus. But exact numbers for the Emporia plant are uncertain.

“We haven’t broken it down by location,” corporate spokesperson Gary Michelson said Wednesday.

The national number for Tyson is above 96% for “active team members,” said a statement released by the company Tuesday.

Tyson and other meat processing companies were among the early controversies connected with COVID-19. More than 110 Emporia workers developed the virus in the spring of 2020, with reports of unsafe conditions at some plants inviting the virus to spread.

Then on Tuesday, Aug. 3, Tyson ordered all employees to receive COVID-19 vaccinations. The deadline for them to be vaccinated is Sunday.

The statement from Tyson Foods President and CEO Donnie King said that order has led to “nearly 60,000 more” workers receiving shots. He called it “an incredible result.”

“We’ve seen a significant decline in the number of active cases, companywide,” King said. The statement did not reveal how many cases Tyson Foods currently has.

The statement added if workers choose not to receive the vaccine, “we respect that choice. If you change your mind and want to rejoin Tyson... our doors are open.”

It’s not clear how many employees have left the company in protest. This year’s report by the Regional Development Association of East Central Kansas says Tyson Fresh Meats in Emporia has 972 employees.

The Tyson statement added that it is the only U.S. food company to require COVID-19 vaccinations.

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It is ironic and perhaps, fitting, that Tyson Foods' employees are nearly 100% vaccinated. At the beginning of the pandemic, some of the first deaths in our community were Tyson Foods employees. Congratulations to Tyson Foods on this success story. This is what we can accomplish if we stick to Reason, Fact and Logic to guide ourselves out of this nightmare Coronavirus Pandemic that has caused so much death and peripheral damage.



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Aim High...I don't "think" it. I know it! The truth will be revealed and you will be eating those words before too long...In the meantime laugh and make fun of me all you want... You will be judged by the words from your very own mouth. I've heard that eating humble pie leaves a very bitter taste in your mouth... I pray that the eyes of your understanding would be enlightened ... and that instead of walking in darkness and fear, foolish pride and ignorance... you would know the truth.


Way to go Tyson! It's good to see a company that values its employees enough to make sure everyone is as safe as possible, and weeding out the ones who aren't taking a global pandemic at least a little bit seriously... Nobody wants to work around these anti-vax clowns anyways. There really aren't many medical exemptions to speak of unless you've had a reaction to the vaccine previously, and "religious exemptions" for covid are mostly being rejected because people are wanting to use "fetal cells" and "changing dna" for exemptions, but in reality vaccines do not contain any fetal cells and do not change your dna. Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian Scientists, and the Catholic Church have also all issued statements saying that their religion does not prohibit members from receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. The Pope has declared getting vaccinated "an act of love."


Get educated. fetal cells from a baby's kidneys and eyes are infected with COVID-19, to test this experimental drug, Nice strawman.


The covid vaccine does not contain any fetal cells, period. Your argument that fetal cells were used in testing is the only strawman here.


Aim High said " in reality vaccines do not contain any fetal cells and do not change your dna." You are the one making a strawman argument!


Not up to them to decide what is good for those employees bodies. Read about the stem cells being used. Way to go Diamond


Tyson made a business decision, KJ, not medical decisions for their employees. The business decision is their business will be more profitable if employees are vaccinated against COVID-19. Any employee who prefers not to be vaccinated has freedom to seek employment from someone who does not require vaccination.

Tyson is free to make business decisions in their own self-interest. Employees are free to make individual decisions in THEIR own self-interest. If an employee finds their interest is contrary to Tyson's interest, the employee is not forced to work for Tyson and submit to Tyson's rules. If Tyson believes employee behavior is contrary to Tyson's business interests, Tyson is free to not employ that person.

See how freedom works?


Just today I've spoken to sub contractors who won't be coming back to service the Tyson Plant in Emporia. One said that Tyson is the only processing plant that has this insane, dictatorial rule. They are allowing literally NO EXEMPTIONS for medical issues or for religious reasons, and so they misrepresent cooperation, when it's really coercion. This thing has 99% plus survival rate, and they are using your fear of it to steal your liberty. Wake up!


Over 96% of Tyson employees are vaccinated nationwide and you believe Emporia is "the only processing plant that has this insane, dictatorial rule..." Not the sharpest tool in the shed, lol.


I hate autocorrect " You can't fix stupid."


Also, when I say "Tyson", I include all Tyson Plants in that statement. Leftists are such scumbags.


You literally said "the Tyson Plant in Emporia" but I'm supposed to be a mindreader and know "when I say "Tyson", I include all Tyson Plants in that statement." 🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡

Comment deleted.

The insult you were attempting to use is "dim bulb", lol. Silly 🤡 .

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