Blue skies and warmer weather greeted the fifteen teams that took part in the Emporia Area Habitat for Humanity Disc Golf Scramble at Hammond Park, Saturday morning.

The event was organized by Dynamic Discs and sponsored by NexTech Wireless.

EAHFH President Ryan Janzen said, like many organizations, Habitat for Humanity has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’ve had to cancel one fundraiser and postpone one fundraiser,” he said. “This was the one that got postponed; we had originally scheduled it for March. It’s also delayed some of our builds and we haven’t been able to have volunteers out there like we like to have.”

Janzen said EAHFH plans to have a house closed on by the end of September and another house completed by the end of the year. This will be the first year the organization has completed two homes in one year, he said.

“It’s definitely caused some delays and some setbacks in terms of fundraising, but we’re happy with the turnout today,” he said. “Hopefully, this gets us back on track a little bit.”

Janzen said the funds raised would stay in Emporia to help with build projects, operational costs and a new program to help with home renovations. He said the organization was grateful for the assistance from Dynamic Discs for putting on the event.

“We’ve done so many fundraisers now ... and anytime we can get a school, an organization, a non-profit out for a disc golf event, we want to do that,” said Doug Bjerkaas, events coordinator for Dynamic Discs.

Bjerkaas said adjustments to the event had to be made due to COVID-19. A maximum of 18 teams of four were allowed to sign up for the event to help maintain social distancing on the course.

“Disc golf is something you can comfortably do,” he said. “Because the sport is such that it’s spaced out, there’s not physical contact between the players, it’s an easy sport to comply with the guidelines. We’re definitely keeping groups small as they go around the course. And we’ve got plenty of hand sanitizer around.”

Janzen said a fundraising total wouldn’t be available until later in the week. He welcomed those interested in future EAHFH events to follow the group @EAHFH on Facebook or visit for more information.

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