A curious citizen reached out to The Emporia Gazette about the status of safety lights on the Reading Wind Farm turbines.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, structures exceeding 200 feet must have safety lights or paint. Upon contacting Southern Power Company External Communications Director Leighton Burkett, The Gazette was given the following information:

“The first 14 Siemens S108 turbines have a single FAA light, and they blink in unison,” Burkett wrote in an email. “The Gamesa G132s, currently under construction, have FAA lights on before fully erected. The ground prep crew energize the lights on the 132s before they are installed.”

The S108 turbines run on a photo cell and are synchronized when the site becomes operational. The G132 turbine lights are currently temporary but will be on constantly after erection.

To learn more about the Reading Wind Facility, visit southerncompany.com/our-companies/southern-power.html

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To learn more about industrial wind farms, I suggest the "WindWatch" website. Currently, residents in Bourbon County, KS are opposing the erection of a wind farm there. Other counties have also opposed them. Power will become more expensive as supposed "green" sources are implemented, learning about all the "green" possibilities, like everything else in life that may effect you, is always a plus. "A brain is a terrible thing to waste." Always remember and never forget "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." This wind thing is very complicated, and the future of it is sketchy as costs and longevity and disposal of the turbines come into play.


WindWatch is a "wind turbines cause cancer" sort of site. Please make sure to fact check anything you get off the internet.

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