On Wednesday afternoon, a large mob of President Trump’s supporters protesting the result of the 2020 presidential election breached the US Capitol building as Congress was in the process of certifying President-elect Joe Biden’s electoral college victory. The stunning images of the event captivated and shocked people all over the world, including here in Lyon County.

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When the TERRORIST Group Black Lives Matter was burning down towns and businesses across America this summer ,.. where was the public outcry ?? Did the Gazette interview any Emporians and ask how they felt about these events ,...

I do recall the CNN reporter saying ,.. “ it’s a bit fiery out here but it’s a mostly peaceful protest “. As the city block is engulfed in flames !!

The media is truly the Enemy of the People.




Whataboutism.... sad! There were hundreds upon hundreds of Black Lives Matter protesters arrested all summer long. There was also tons of conversation from Emporians about BLM both right here and on Facebook... along with tons of public outcry from people just like yourself speaking against them. I'm really not sure how you missed it...

BLM was also fighting for a cause, racial justice and equality. They didn't all show up to every protest armed with rifles, and they never tried to overthrow democracy. This is where the extreme right differs from other protests. They show up to their "peaceful protests" armed with rifles, dressed in their fake military costumes, and always spewing hateful and racist things. Their protest is based on accusations with zero evidence and they attempted to overthrow democracy based on a hunch. They came armed with flexicuffs, built a gallows, and attempted to attack Congress and the Vice President. Pretty big difference...

The only media that is truly the enemy of the people are right wing media that allowed these conspiracy theories to be presented as fact. OAN, RSBN, Gateway Pundit, along with sites like Parler just to name a few. All trash.


My apologies for the insults. I sometimes forget how the party who says "F**k your feelings" can be extremely sensitive when they are on the receiving end.


And which party would that be that says "F**k your feelings"? Really? It's all from 1 party? Do you even live on planet Earth?


I dunno, google that phrase and see what comes up. It's not only from one party, it's one of their SLOGANS they use to own the libs. Where have you been the last 4 years?


And that wasn't an apology. It was plainly just another snide remark trying to masquerade as an insincere apology.

Hollowed Ground

After a few days of thinking about what lie to jump on next, goobers are narrowing in on the lie that they voted to challenge the EC vote and support the insurrection only out of fear of Trump supporters! Don't let them get away with that BS. They have shown nothing but admiration for Trump loving Nazis and white supremacists for the last 4 years and were still showed it during the evacuation. After the riot, eight US Senators, including our own disgusting Roger Marshall, (Cruz, Hawley, Tubberville, Hyde-Smith, Marshall, Kennedy, Lummis, Scott) and hundreds of House goobers still voted to support the insurrection. These disgusting Putin lovers must be expelled from Congress.

Hollowed Ground

We're in deep doo-doo. The woman who was killed was a military veteran. The man with the zip cuffs is a military veteran. The Capitol policeman who died was a military veteran, and a Trump supporter. We know there was inside help. We know police officers let the Nazis and white supremacist usurpers in and posed for selfies with them. We know the police high-fived the insurrectionists. We know the police fist bumped the thugs. Obviously there are a lot of law enforcement personnel that must be purged from federal service.


Broke a few windows an paid with they're life, , But WOW so violent, Nothing like the peaceful protests that "burned " all summer, Hey Didn't code pink storm the capitol during the Cavanaugh hearings? Yeah I think they did but were just let right on in , no shots fired no tear gas. That's odd, Oh must be White supremacy or climate change or something. No no no equity , thats it


No wonder you barely make $30 an hour. Higher paying jobs are for smart people.


Wow. What class. Spoken like a true elitist snob. You are the true embodiment of Exhibit A.


Lol, triggered snowflake.


Wages in the United States averaged 11.46 USD/Hour from 1964 until 2020, reaching an all time high of 25.14 USD/Hour in April of 2020.

So to all those hard-working farmers, factory workers, teachers, clerks, mechanics, and a host of other jobs that keep this country running, keep its people safe and fed, Exhibit A above shows exactly what the elitist left thinks of you.


See , when triggered or disagreed with even a teeny bit leftist ALWAYS go to the same place, mean , nasty, making fun of folks income , even when it is a great $30 a hour income, an hey he remembered me. Hollowman remembered My income ,I don't know his, I don't care

Wyatt's Ghost

Be sure to look at all those who will be charged in the coming weeks for the riot, insurrection, sedition, domestic terrorism, and trying to overthrow a democratic election that many Republican appointed Judges already ruled were without any of lies being told by Trump, Fox News (Fux Newz), and Republicans and you will match the same identities from right wing extremist groups that the FBI said were the actual groups inciting the riots, violence, and damaging property at BLM protests over the summer. By the way, ‘Antifa’ is actually an IDEAL and not any organized group, and it factually means Anti-Fascism. But if Republicans who blame ‘Antifa’ want to proudly be opposed to Anti-Fascism ideals, they are missing knowledge of the history they claim to want to return America to... The FDR policies that Republicans have been reversing, damaging, and destroying for several decades... That is why economic issues have gotten so much worse for working people in the United States.

If you think beating a police officer to death with a fire extinguisher, felony destruction, felony theft, and stopping a government function to overthrow and kill politicians they didn’t like is a normal good old American civic activity, Donald J. Trump would like you to donate more money to his grifting PAC to keep passing himself as a success. Everyone alive in the 1980s knew Trump was just a cheap wannabe Gordon Gekko at best and a sleazy glorified used car salesman at worst, other than a cult of pathetic reality show junkies and those that think that voting ‘R’ today is just like voting for President Eisenhower, who had a 92% tax rate for richest.

An Expatriate Emporian

"they're", "equity"? You actually managed to write a paragraph without a single sentence with proper punctuation, grammar, or spelling, does that come naturally or did you have to work at it?

They went in with the aim to drag lawmakers out if they could catch them. It's insurrection (also a coup d'état, but we'll skip the French words as those would just confuse you).

And yes, if you want the direct White Privilege comparison, look at the police and military response to this and the Michigan Capital invasion by whites with guns vs. the BLM marches.

Also, junior, "burned all summer," hyperbole much?

Also, let's reflect on why the respective protests happened, on the one side, African Americans being regularly executed on a whim by police. On the other, Trump has fabricated reasons to whip up his cultists and told them to.

The crux of all of this issue at the moment is that the fundamental issue is that these insurrectionists are beholden not to America, or the GOP. They are loyal to Trump alone. Look at the flags being carried by the mob - it's his name on it. There's no American flags on the march. There are however Nazi and Confederate flags and symbols being carried. If those are what you want to follow, then that's a whole different conversation.


" Look at the flags being carried by the mob - it's his name on it. There's no American flags on the march"

Remind me again what flags were being carried by all the summer protestors? Oh that's right.... they were BURNING American flags.


Finally someone who looks at the whole picture. You are totally correct. Why don't others see the double standard. It was not right to break windows and injure people. But it wasn't right all summer long. This was a gov't building. But it does not compare what the 'peaceful' protestors did all summer long. The government is given money by it's citizens to take care of our government property. Maybe they should give money to help the business owners can repair and replace too sense they didn't stop the protestors from demolishing private property. If they take the capitol protestors who did damage to jail so should they take the summer protestors to jail. All of us need to talk to each other . Express your thoughts . Keep violence out of it calling names does no good except to make you feel better .

Hollowed Ground

I would not describe a mob that includes Jew baiters, Nazis and QAnon jackals out to kill the Vice President and burn the Capitol with Molotov cocktails a bunch of window breakers.

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