The Emporia Senior Center was the place to find gadgets, gizmos and everything in between Saturday when it hosted the second annual Trunk Treasures Flea Market.

Irma Lawrence was happily shopping and on the hunt for treasures. She already had a bag full of goodies and was inspecting a table filled with clowns.

“There are certain items I always look for at flea markets and garage sales,” Lawrence said. “Antique clowns are one of those things. They tend to be much more valuable than people assume.”

Lawrence struck out in regard to finding an antique clown, but she said her trip was a success.

“I found a beautiful piece of jewelry and some delicious jam,” she said. “The trip was more than worth it. This has been a fun morning.”

Rhonda Schwindt, owner of Black Dog Sales and Pepper Jellies, was one of many vendors at the market. She was selling a unique variety of homemade jellies.

“I have plenty of samples out for people to try today,” Schwindt said. “Peach, cowboy candy and I have what I call Kentucky Barfight — it has blackberries, blueberries, jalapanoes and some bourbon. It’s a big seller.”

Kim Schrock also had a unique display of items available for purchase — candy bouquets. The candy bouquets were available in an assortment of sizes and included a variety of different candies. Schrock takes special orders and will make bouquets for special occasions and events.

“I have candy bouquets for any occasion,” Schrock said. “I do custom make them. I’ve been making these for years, but just started selling them a couple months ago. I have all different sizes.”

Emporia State University student Eddie Davis was selling his blown glass pieces. He had a wide assortment of glass blown roses and paper weights for sale. Davis began blowing glass at Emporia High School and has continued his studies at ESU.

In addition to handmade items, there were plenty of old treasures to be found. Clothing, glassware, dishes and jewelry were plentiful.

“There is a little bit of everything,” Joyce Brooks said as she looked through a table full of clothing items. “So many things I don’t need, but I sure want.”

Marvin Symmonds was also hunting for goodies at the market. He said the flea market was a good way to get out and spend time with some friends while supporting a good cause. All vendor proceeds from the flea market benefit the Emporia Senior Center

“We fellows met for coffee this morning and decided to come check it out,” Symmonds said. “You never know what you will find at these things, and it helps the senior center.”

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