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VFW Post 1980 held a dance Saturday night with the Southfork Band playing country music.

The dance was to raise funds to assist veterans in many ways, not only local veterans who may need assistance, but also those passing through town who need gas or a place to stay.

Mike White, who previously was Commander of the student veterans at ESU, is now the Commander of Post 1980. During Veterans Week in November, the post will hold another dance.

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I am surprised I haven't "riled up" a bunch of people. Maybe, it's because they are ashamed of Donnie?


I have no use for the VFW or American Legion. Both Veterans organizations have allowed President Trump to trample an American Patriot, John McCain (and, I am a Democrat). Trump said in the 2016 Campaign that McCain was no hero because he was captured. THAT HE LIKES SERVICEMEN Who Weren't Captured!! That means Trump does not like American Service people who get captured, even thru no fault of their own! McCain was a POW for 5 years, was denied needed Medical Care, of injuries caused when his plane was shot down. He was beaten in captivity.

I have heard many Americans call Americans who serve in the Military for the USA HEROES! Trump has also ripped McCain in a graduation speech at the U.S, Naval Academy last year. He has blasted McCain in Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts speeches, I guess Trump believes...AS DOES THE VFW and AMERICAN LEGION...smearing John McCain, who served his country in war--while Trump used an Illegal Medical NOT SERVE. When his country needed Trump, he was nowhere to be found..he chickened out. All Trump a Rich Bully! To me, the VFW and AMERICAN LEGION are NOTHING (Not the Members, but the leaders!)


Sounds like another snowflake blowing smoke out of their butt.Trump has done more than Obimbo ever thought about doing.At least he didn't send two billion dollars in cash to Iran.


Obama is the Greatest President we have ever had. It was going down the drain when Obama took over. He single-handedly bought it back himself!!! Trump took over when all was 20 thousand feet up...and on auto-pilot. Country is heading back down now...will be in a severe depression on election day next year. You're the smoke blower, but, you can't get anywhere with me....because I am sitting down!

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