More than 200 expectant mothers and families are expected to attend the 4th Annual Lyon County Community Baby Shower Saturday.

The baby shower is scheduled for 9 a.m. Saturday at the Anderson Building on the Lyon County Fairgrounds, and is brought to the community by the Wade Barrett Memorial Fund, Newman Regional Health and the Flint Hills Technical College Practical Nursing Program.

“We were able to, because Match Day was such a great fundraiser for us, open this up to the surrounding communities this year,” Gail Barrett, director of the Wade Barrett Memorial Fund, said. “People in any county that’s touching Lyon County gets to participate. That was a big thing for us to be able to expand on that.”

Barrett said she was excited to be able to accept an unlimited number of registrations and expand the shower into the surrounding counties this year.

“It was something that I was really hoping to be able to do,” she said. “I didn’t think we would be able to do it this quickly, but Match Day made a huge difference for us.”

Barrett said all expectant mothers who attend the presentation will be given a Pack’n’Play courtesy of the Wade Barrett Memorial Fund.

“Portable Pack’n’Plays are considered a ‘safe sleep’ crib,” she said. “They are approved and encouraged to use [by the American Academy of Pediatrics], so we are excited to be able to provide that.”

The portable cribs won’t be the only gifts brought home. Attendees at the shower will also have a chance to win other baby items and meet with local providers to learn about safe sleep, car seat safety and other community resources. Lactation consultants from Newman Regional Health and Flint Hills Community Health Center and representatives from Kansas Children’s Service League will be attending, along with more than 30 booths from around Lyon County and surrounding areas.

Some of the groups signed up include the Emporia Public Library, Emporia MOPS, the Flint Hills Community Health Center, CrossWinds Counseling and Wellness and more.

“Pretty much anything that has resources for newborns or their parents,” Barrett said. “There are lots of different groups, so they can get the contact numbers, lots of them have stuff to give away. There will be lots of door prizes to give away after the presentation.”

Barrett said while registration online is closed, mothers and families can still register for the event on Saturday.

“If we don’t have a Pack’n’Play for you that day, once we have a solid number we will order them and they will be at the hospital and we’ll call as soon as they come in,” she said. “You do have to stay for the whole presentation before you get your Pack’n’Play. There’s lots of research that says parents need to be told things numerous times, so the more we can tell it, the more they’ll buy into it and the more they will share it.”

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