An upcoming fundraiser by the Emporia Rotary Club will allow area residents to give back to their communities while also marking items off of their shopping lists.

Saturday, members of the group held a random prize drawing at Good’s CashSaver, granting six lucky semifinalists a chance to participate in Saturday’s “Grocery Grab.” Beginning at 6:45 a.m., one participant will be allowed five minutes to grab as many food items as possible — excluding alcoholic drinks and pet-centric purchases. The finalist will be able to shop for themselves, their family and friends or even on behalf of a charitable organization.

Those selected include: locals Chris Wilkinson, Sheena Cappello, Carolee Conway and Jacob Torres as well as two non-profits, Corky’s Cupboard and Abundant Harvest. No matter the draw, each party will walk away with something as the semifinalists not selected for the Grocery Grab will receive a $50 gift certificate to Good’s.

“This idea was brought to our club last year by the president at the time, who was Jami Reever,” said current Emporia Rotary Club President Sharon Tidwell. “It’s going to be our first time doing something like this, and we hope — if it is successful — that it may just be something we continue doing every year.”

Tidwell said she was thrilled about the community interest during the drawing entry period, with members of the club selling more than 500 $10-donation tickets. The funds will be used to support local projects such as Polio Plus, the David Traylor Zoo Oasis and area Big Brothers Big Sisters functions.

“For the people that didn’t end up being drawn, their ticket still acts as a $5-off coupon that can be used for purchases of $50 or more at Good’s CashSaver,” Tidwell said. “So really, tickets for the drawing only cost $5 in a way. All the donated money is going to help us do some really good things in the community, too.

“The Rotary Club is a really, really giving organization, as most of our service organizations are throughout Emporia. This is going to allow us to continue to support some of those organizations and also bring on new organizations to help support.”

Store management also said they were happy to participate in the unique event, seeing as it was something that directly impacted the Emporia area.

“I think it’s great being a local company that’s able to support some of our great local charities and organizations,” Good’s CashSaver Assistant Manager James Miller said. “When people donate money to big, national causes you sometimes see it go elsewhere, or you may not get to see any of the benefits from your time, effort and money. It’s special to be able to give back so locally. We love being here in Emporia and all the community support we get each day from our customers.”

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