county 2/11/21

The Lyon County Commission met for an action session on Thursday morning and received a COVID-19 update from Lyon County Public Health Administrator Renee Hively and County Health Officer Dr. Ladun Oyenuga.

Hively reported that the health department will hold its first large vaccination on Saturday, as well as a smaller clinic on Friday.

“This will start being the trend as we moved forward, with the revax happening and an initial, so there will be at least two days a week that we will be offering point of dispensing vaccination clinics, so they’ll be really, really busy getting that taken care of,” Hively said.

In addition to several members of the community, the health department has successfully vaccinated all employees of Newman Regional Health and Holiday Resort.

Hively also gave an update in regard to the health department’s contingency plan in the event that a vaccination clinic must be canceled due to inclement weather.

“That will mean that we’ll have excess vaccine the next week with the allocations from this date,” she said. “At that point, … I will try to give [Cathy Pimple of Newman Regional Health] as much notice as I can so that they could set up a pod too, and then we’ll just offset some of that vaccine [from the canceled clinic] over to them and then we’ll have both entities vaccinating during that week.”

Emporia State University has been helping with the vaccination process, Hively said, including offering the biology department’s ultracold portable refrigerator for storage in case the health department receives the Pfizer vaccine, which must be stored at a temperature between -112 and -76 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hively said that the number of people on the waiting list for the vaccine continues to hover around 1,500, ebbing and flowing as some people get their vaccines and others sign up.

While the health department continues to vaccinate individuals in the community, Oyenuga estimated that in order for positive case numbers to drop as a direct result of the vaccine, about 70 to 75 percent of the community would need to be vaccinated. She guessed that this would probably be sometime during this summer.

Commissioners sought clarification on the physical reactions people have had in response to the vaccine and what can be done to alleviate those. Hively explained how the vaccine works in the body and why people have uncomfortable reactions to it, often several hours after receiving the dose.

“The vaccine is supposed to induce an inflammation response and that then triggers your body,” Hively said. “It’s how our body trains that virus and the immunity to react to it.”

Oyenuga explained that people can take over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen, Tylenol, Aleve or Theraflu after experiencing symptoms, but should not take any of these medications prior to receiving the shot.

“When you take ibuprofen before, you’re decreasing your chances of a full, robust response to the vaccine,” Hively added. “So [the Center for Disease Control] say[s] wait until you start becoming symptomatic after that second one and then you can take something. But don’t take anything before. You want to let it grab hold pretty good.”

“I’ll say one thing that everyone agrees on,” Oyenuga said. “Those side effects, no matter how significant they are, they’re worth it rather than having COVID.”

Based upon recommendations from Hively and Oyenuga, the commission decided to keep the current public health order as is and will reexamine it in March. Hively pointed out that they can tell that the public health order is having a positive effect on the community because their clinic has yet to see one influenza case this year.

“That is directly because people are wearing masks and they’re social distancing, so we know that, hey, the mitigation strategies are working for other things too,” Hively said. “That’s nice.”

Commissioners asked and Hively and Oyenuga confirmed that those who have received both doses of the vaccine do not need to quarantine after a close contact unless that close contact is with a fellow household member.

During Thursday’s session, the Commission also:

F Temporarily abated property taxes on a property for sale so that a potential buyer will have a clear title.

F Approved an entrance on the 1820 block of Road G for a trucking company.

F Approved the graveling of the first mile off the turnpike of Road 170 between Roads F and G to due to severe deterioriation of the concree.

F Gave directions to put up signs on 51 roads to mark them as minimum maintenance roads to protect the county from liability.

F Approved the payment of $5738 to Kansas Securities to improve security in the kitchen at the Lyon County Detention Center and the payment of $5,342.50 to Kansas Securities to increase security and accountability in the Sheriff’s Office basement, which stores evidence near a conference room that is available for public use.

F Approved a consultant fee to BG Consultants to replace a generator at the Lyon County Detention Center (totalling $32,000) and a domestic water storage tank (totally $19,000).

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One thing for sure. You can’t lockdown your way out of a pandemic. You must vaccinate your way out. mRNA technology in vacines is well established and safer than what you are giving your children right now. The future of the world economy depends on it.


Spreading right wing propaganda and misinformation does nothing to ensure patients clearly understand the risks of getting vaccinated. "Childrens health defense" preys on the gullible with a nice sounding name the same way "Americas Frontline Doctors" does... A quick bias check of "Childrens health defense" brings up this:

"Overall, we rate the Children’s Health Defense a strong conspiracy and quackery level advocacy group that frequently promotes unsupported claims. We also rate them low for factual reporting due to the promotion of propaganda as well as several failed fact checks."

Wow... lmao. This is why it's always important to check your sources and do your own research. It can be easy to fall for this stuff when they use a name like "Childrens Health Defense".

mRNA is also not brand new technology... I'll post a link to some actual facts. I encourage you to go have a look.

From the link: "Researchers have been studying and working with mRNA vaccines for decades. Interest has grown in these vaccines because they can be developed in a laboratory using readily available materials. This means the process can be standardized and scaled up, making vaccine development faster than traditional methods of making vaccines.

mRNA vaccines have been studied before for flu, Zika, rabies, and cytomegalovirus (CMV). As soon as the necessary information about the virus that causes COVID-19 was available, scientists began designing the mRNA instructions for cells to build the unique spike protein into an mRNA vaccine.

Future mRNA vaccine technology may allow for one vaccine to provide protection for multiple diseases, thus decreasing the number of shots needed for protection against common vaccine-preventable diseases.

Beyond vaccines, cancer research has used mRNA to trigger the immune system to target specific cancer cells."

Interesting stuff, and "rigorously tested" too. Much safer than catching the live virus.


Here are the reported death and side effects from the vaccine. This is still phase three clinical trials and data is still being collected.


Thanks for this. Only 653 patients have died after taking the vaccine compared to 500,000 dead after catching covid. This is solid evidence the vaccine is safer than the virus. I see a lot of those 653 patients were on hospice or nursing homes... I seen one that says "patient passed away within an hour to hour and 1/2 of receiving vaccine. per nursing home staff they did not expect pt to make it many more days. patient was unresponsive in room when shot was given. per nursing home staff pt was 14 + days post covid"

My guess would be a lot of these deaths weren't actually from the vaccine, but the overall number is so low compared to covid deaths it's not worth arguing about. Get vaccinated people!


500,000 covid deaths, dying with covid or from covid that’s the question. You are right I agree it’s not worth arguing. For some the vaccine is safer than getting covid, for others getting covid is safer than getting the vaccine, thankfully everyone has the freedom to make their own decision about what’s right for them. Someone’s decision not to take the vaccine is not an immoral one.



Created in 2019, "America's Frontline Doctors" is an American right-wing political organization founded by Simone Gold (who was recently arrested for insurrection at the Capitol) and promoted by the Tea Party "Patriots", It has opposed lockdowns and social distancing mandates during the COVID-19 pandemic by citing alleged and unapproved treatments like hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19.

In other words, fake news. Saad!


Defense if you don't like it or want to silence it nowadays is to call it fake news sad. It's just information from another point of view.... I do think all people deserve to hear all information before making the decision if the vaccine is for them or not. It is a experimental vaccine in phase 3 testing, there is no vaccine insert, and “largest experimental medication program in our history” uses a brand-new technology utilizing messenger RNA. “No vaccine” based on this technology “has ever been approved for any disease, or even entered final-stage trials until now, so there’s no peer-reviewed published human data to compare how mRNA stacks up against older technologies,” not to mention fastest vaccine to market before this was 5 years. How do you explain doctors who had prescribed hydroxychloroquine for patients and it helped? Maybe your info from wikipedia has been edited by those connected with big pharma that stand to make hardly anything from hydroxychloroquine but are making money from the vaccine....


The fake news trend was started by Trump and his supporters who ironically continue to spread fake news like "vaccines are not safer than covid." Sad.

With 150+ million covid shots given so far and only a handful of possibly related deaths being investigated... versus 28 million covid cases approaching 500,000 deaths... but experimental vaccines are not safer?? mmkay keep drinking the kool-aid.

The covid vaccine has been tested and proven effective. We are trying to end this pandemic and nonsense from Simone Gold is not helping us get there. Nobody is going to strap you down and force the vaccine into your arm... if you don't want it fine, but spreading politically motivated misinformation you found in the buttcrack of the internet is trashy. I also wouldn't say anyone is trying to silence anything... just pointing out facts in case others happen to read it.


Ensuring that patients clearly understand risks — including known risks as well as potential unknown risks — is an important component of the informed consent process. This is all the more true when the intervention is experimental and lacks long-term safety data, as is the case with the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines against COVID-19. The FDA authorized the two vaccines for widespread emergency use based on just two months of clinical trial data.


Actually, User, it is not "just information from another point of view," it is active disinformation. We aren't talking about whether spumoni is a better ice cream flavor than Neapolitan, in which a thing is a matter of opinion. We are talking about a situation in which controlled study results show a 95% improvement in outcomes over what would be expected from chance. The only people who should decide the vaccine is not for them are those who have religious objections to medical treatment or known allergies to vaccine serum.

There is no need to explain doctors who prescribed hydroxycholoroquine--the controlled studies using hydroxychloroquine found no better results than would be expected by chance alone. Those doctors were not part of those controlled studies. The evidence shows this particular treatment is not supported by scientific evidence and may, on the balance, cause harm more often than helping. President Trump is not a medical professional with detailed knowledge of treatments--when he asked, "What do you got to lose?" he didn't have a clue what he was talking about. I listen to learned specialists--so should you.


User, while it's true that Aim exaggerates when writing that Trump started "fake news," it cannot be denied that Trump used the strategy of deflecting from his own practice of promoting fake news by falsely accusing others of doing it. While I concede that we do not know longitudinal effects of this vaccine, vaccination and immunology have been around for more than a century and we have a lot of evidence to make informed guesses based on how similar vaccines have behaved. We also know what will happen to the population not yet infected with COVID-19 when they are infected...and without the vaccine they will be. I have had friends and relatives suffer on ventilators and die from this disease. I have friends and relatives with side effects from organ damage almost six months now after having recovered from this disease. The argumentation against this vaccine and in favor of those who spread disinformation about it is indefensible, both scientifically and morally.

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