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Furniture Loft owners Teresa, center, and Tim McCoy, right, stop for a photo while at the Advisory Board of Nationwide Marketing Group’s annual meeting in Tennessee.

Special to The Gazette

The Advisory Board of Nationwide Marketing Group, a buying and marketing group for independent appliance, consumer electronics, furniture and bedding retailers, gathered in Chattanooga, Tennessee, for its annual meeting.

The event, part of the group’s ongoing effort to enable local, independent dealers to thrive against national and big box competitors through collective scale, saw many positive business-focused results. However, the lasting impact of the gathering may be best illustrated by the positive social impact left behind in Chattanooga.

Partnering with local government organization CHAVeterans of Chattanooga, Furniture Loft joined forces with fellow entrepreneurs to make a difference in the lives of our military veterans.

Together, those in attendance assembled more than 1,000 hygiene care kits for Chattanooga-area veterans, with each kit including an array of hygiene necessities. The group also held a silent auction to raise money to help purchase wheelchairs for local disabled veterans. In total, the giveback event raised more than $15,000 to support veterans.

“This amazing group of retailers continues to make a difference each time we come together,” said Dean Hanby, Nationwide Marketing Group’s vice president for the Southeast region. “We made a joint commitment to give back in each city we meet, and in Chattanooga, everyone really stepped up. The business aspects of the meeting were wonderful, but the efforts to give back to the community were certainly a big highlight of our time in Chattanooga.”

“We all owe a tremendous debt to those who have sacrificed to serve and make our nation free,” added William Lowry, leader of Community Connections and Hygiene for the World, the charitable organization that facilitated the event. “The idea that after having served, our veterans struggle with adjusting, making ends meet, finding a place of employment that uses their skills and coping with the impact of their sacrifice is both deeply concerning and very unfortunate. No veteran should be homeless, hungry or helpless. Instead, we should ensure that they have the greatest care and respect we as a nation can bestow on them. Over this past weekend, we were privileged to partner with great local dealers like Furniture Loft to be one small part of the efforts to fight veteran homelessness in Chattanooga, Tennessee. There, with the more than 1,000 hygiene kits we assembled and packed for veterans, we know it made a difference. The dignity that comes from proper hygiene is unmeasurable, but extremely valuable.”

For more information, contact the team at Furniture Loft, call at 785-528-4246.

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