Bargain shoppers and literature fans flooded the atrium of the Emporia Public Library Saturday during the first full day of the annual Fall Book Sale.

Sponsored by the Emporia Friends of the Library, the mock market included a plethora of written works ranging from history and science fiction to young adult and children’s literature as well as hundreds of CDs and movies. All sale proceeds from the event — which will run through Thursday — will be put toward the support of library functions and other related reading programs.

“All of these items have been donated, with a lot of them coming in through events like garage sales during the summer,” Friends of the Emporia Library Treasurer Judy Wild said. “Sometimes not all books can be put up for sale because of their condition, but we go through and sort through the best ones to offer to the community. It really is a community event, and luckily this year it coincided with the Oktoberfest and all the reunions going on, so that made for some good publicity.

“We also have plenty of ESU students visit each year to pick up books that they may not be able to get or purchase at the William Allen White Library. We even have people come from out of town. This morning we had people stop by from a used book store all the way in Omaha that figured they may as well look at what all we have.”

Wild encouraged those looking to buy books for themselves, friends, families, neighbors and even classrooms to be aware of the sale schedule to best cash in on deals.

Monday’s sale, which runs from 9 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., will use a traditional sticker system, with yellow stickers representing a price of 50 cents, red representing $1 items, blue $2 items and green $3 items. CDs, DVDs and audiobooks are usually priced at $3 each, while CD sets can be bought starting at $10. During the same hours Tuesday, visitors can purchase all the books they can fit in a bag for $10, while Wednesday’s sale will have the same promotion for only $5. The sale will conclude from 9 a.m. to noon Thursday, when shoppers will be able to buy a bagful of any remaining books for just $2.

“The funds we generate from the book sales go a long way in providing for the community,” Wild said. “This money will go straight to programs of the library, whether it’s the children’s concerts or other programs. This money will also go toward all the books ordered by The Friends for public reading groups. In the past, we’ve also used the funds to purchase the book drops outside and the blue baskets inside. We just want to do everything we can to support the library and help with supplies, too.”

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