Cargill celebrated its annual Founders Day “Green Day” Wednesday afternoon.

In celebration, the company recognized employees, another year of success and the community. Cargill has locations across the country, and on “Green Day,” they all close to celebrate their company and community.

Yesterday, Cargill employees took their third-shift employees out to breakfast. Later, employees shared a Bobby D’s catered meal together in the afternoon at Jones Park, followed by an ice-cream making team building activity. Winners of the ice-cream making competition were gifted the ice cream makers as prizes.

“You don’t have a lot of days like this,” Pet Project Manager Jamie Jasnoski said.

She said Green Day allows employees to have a casual, laid back day together. For employees like Jasnoski who works from home, Green Day is an opportunity to mingle with other employees as friends, not just coworkers.

Each year, Cargill provides services or donations to one community organization or population of the community. Last year, they recognized veterans. This year, they recognized Abundant Harvest, under their theme of “food security.” Cargill donated a $500 Walmart gift card for Abundant Harvest to purchase food items.

“This is wonderful,” Abundant Harvest volunteer of 13 years Tammy Deblonk said. “We’ve never had this opportunity before, where we can just go and get what we need as we need it. That has been a big need.”

She said being able to purchase nutritious perishables is important to Abundant Harvest. Deblonk also emphasized the importance of Abundant Harvest feeding all people in need.

Jasnoski said Cargill finds great fulfillment in having representatives from recipient organizations attend Green Day festivities. Not only is it important for Cargill employees to enjoy one another’s company; Jasnoski said they believe in building genuine and good relationships with other community organizations, too.

“I think it’s nice for the community to see that,” she said.

Both Cargill and Abundant Harvest are pleased to receive more community recognition and to continue celebrating their hard work.

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