There is little better than seeing clean dogs play in a big window.

At Bark and Purr Daycare and Spa, Owner Erin Norton makes that visual come to life. Earlier this week, Norton opened the doors to dogs and cats for grooming, as well as half- and full-day doggie daycare.

When Norton drove by the vacant space, located at 804 W. 6th Ave., she said she “imagined dogs playing in the glass window,” so she decided now was the time to make her dream of owning a pet daycare and spa manifest. After four weeks of renovations, the doors are open.

Originally from Wisconsin and a dog groomer for 15 years, Norton moved to Emporia five years ago and transitioned to factory work. Realizing factory work was not for her, she believed she could pursue her passion — returning to grooming, but as her own boss this time.

Norton offers full pet grooming, including trimming and filing nails. She uses all-natural ingredients and even has a waterless cat shampoo. Pet owners are welcome to bring their preferred products, as well.

While working at the factory, she always heard her coworkers discuss how they felt bad about leaving their dogs at home, especially when they worked overtime.

She hopes the daycare service is one way she can assist those who work long hours, want to clean their house without a dog around the chemicals or just want to go out without feeling guilty about leaving their dog. Norton has two play areas — one for small dogs and one for large dogs. Norton does not kennel them, unless they do not have kennel anxiety and the space is needed. A half-day of daycare is $10.

“I like my dogs happy,” she said, calling the space a “no stress zone.” Norton focuses on the comfort of the animals.

Norton has two of her own dogs: an Irish Wolfhound/Great Dane mix and a Schnauzer/Poodle/Brittany mix. She is most excited to meet other pets and pet owners.

While the pet grooming industry is competitive, Norton hopes to alleviate some of that competitiveness by offering things other groomers do not offer, like the daycare service, as well as offering an additional grooming facility for Emporians.

“I’m offering something a little different than everybody else,” Norton said. “And I guess they’re kind of booked up in other places, I’ve been hearing, so it’s not stealing business if they’re booked up too much to take people.”

Appointments are encouraged, but walk-ins are welcome, depending on Norton’s available space and time. Bark and Purr Daycare and Spa will be open Tuesday-Saturday. To book a grooming or daycare appointment, call 620-208-3647. To stay up-to-date on all of the Bark and Purr Daycare and Spa happenings, check out its Facebook page.

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Out Of Here Prev: SnowGypsy

Wishing this business great success! Under "find a need a fill it", I think it will do well!

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