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The Lowry-Funston VFW Post No. 1980 is welcoming new members to join its organization.

The VFW was established to assist veterans. Our mission is to foster camaraderie among United States veterans of overseas conflicts and to serve our veterans, the military and our communities, and advocate on behalf of all veterans. The purposes of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States are fraternal, patriotic, historical, charitable and educational; to preserve and strengthen comradeship among its members; to assist worthy comrades; to perpetuate the memory and history of our dead, and to assist their surviving spouses and orphans; to maintain true allegiance to the Government of the United States of America and fidelity to its institutions of American freedom, and to preserve and defend the United States from all her enemies.

The Lowry-Funston VFW Post No. 1980 welcomes new memberships. Applications are available online at www.vfw.org or at 932 Graphic Arts Rd.

Auxiliary membership applications can be found at www.vfwauxiliary.org.

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This is an interesting article. In 1972, Oh returned from Vietnam. I approached the VFW and asked for membership. They declined my membership and told me Vietnam was not a war and I was not eligible to join. It seems now as the VFW has altered it’s thinking and is desperate for membership after driving so many of us Vietnam veterans away from them.


I am sorry that you were treated that way. I decided to do some checking, US Congress started recognizing veterans of the Vietnam War in 1966 as veterans of foreign wars. This rejection must have been something unique to certain areas. Someone told me that they were taking members from the Vietnam War in Junction City at that time. Some places resist change more than others, and as you know, Junction City being next door to Fort Riley, it is a different world there when it comes to soldiers and veterans.


I'm so glad you brought this up. We arrived here in 1975 for recruiting duty. My late husband, a veteran of three tours in Vietnam, was told the same thing by the local VFW. And he was on active duty at the time! Of course we were shocked, and from then on had nothing good to say about the VFW. He's gone now, but I'm sure he'd have a few words for the VFW and their membership drive. Semper Fidelis, JDV.

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