At approximately 6:05 p.m. Monday, Lyon County deputies, Emporia Police Department, Lyon County EMS and Lyon County/Emporia Water Rescue were dispatched to mile marker 133, Interstate 35 northbound for a vehicle in the water on the south side. 

Danielle Hagan, 42, was driving a purple Honda Fit northbound on Interstate 35 when she struck a deer carcass lying in the left lane. She lost control and the Honda slid down an embankment coming to rest in about three and a half feet of water. 

Hagan was able to exit the vehicle and get on top of it. A passerby reported the accident.

Water Rescue was able to extend a ladder to the vehicle for Hagan to get to solid ground. She was treated on scene but not transported by EMS. She was waring her seatbelt at the time of the accident. 

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When will Kansas do something about the deer population costing Kansans millions? 10,734 accidents involving deer in 2018. 16.5%of total accidents. 10 year high.


What should Kansas do? I did see that "harvesting" does helps more than "harvesting" bucks when it comes to hunting which they say isn't really that effective. Maybe slow some speeds in areas where deer cross as they tend to follow the same paths. I don't recall seeing many signs in KS for deer like in my home state which is not Kansas.

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